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Guest House @ Georgian resort of the Batumi!
When You will arrive in Batumi , I will introduce you to Georgia. Here are four double rooms and one triple room. Guest House offers Georgian cuisine twice a day.
The house is located at the walley of the mountain and is surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. Gorney river is just 5 minutes from the house. The Black Sea is in 10 minutes by the car, but the city center is in 15 minutes from the accommodation .
There are tours:
- Fortress, built by the Romans and Persians VII century and located a few kilometers from the Turkish border.
- Beautiful waterfalls made by nature.
- Winery`s where is possible to taste Georgian wine.
These are just a few examples from all over the city. Excursion not mandatory, but regret if you go, because the Georgian nature is bewitching and beautiful, which is worth a look. During the tour can enjoy fine wine and enjoy the taste of smoked fish restaurant. Both the wine and fish taste still remain in memory for a long time, as it is memorable. yet the restaurant will make unforgettable visits to the picturesque landscape and the river.
Children up to 5 years free accommodation and eating, but children from 6 to 11 years 50% discount for eating
One night in Guest House in double room - 29 EUR
One night in triple room - 38 EUR
Meal 2x a day per person - 14.50 EUR
It is advantageous for the opportunity to fly over the cheaper prices to Georgia!
By airline "Wizzair" Vilnius - Kutaisi. Prices are stunningly low.
As well as Kutaisi airport is much closer to the resort of BATUMI! Meet you at the airport Kapitnari (Kutaisi), will bring to Batumi I will lead with 8 seater Mercedes VITO