Hello Friends!

Owner of the Guest House invites You and Your Family
to relax at the Georgian resort of Batumi near Black Sea.
Comfortable accommodation, Georgian Cuisine and unforgettable Sightseeing !
What can You see ?
Dolphinarium, Water Parks, Zoo, Botanical Gardens, 3D Dancing Fountains and many more various Adventures.
All this can be seen in BATUMI !

Contact us via
e-mail: info@otdixbatumi.com

Welcome to Batumi Tourism

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Legend of Georgia.
In the time when God divided the Earth to the People , the Georgians were the last to whom God gave the Land. At the time when Georgians came to pray the earth , God asked them - "Why did you came ? " And people responded: "We are hungry and we want a place where we could live. " God loved the response , " I left a small Corner of Paradise , but I'll give it to You so that You take care of it for me . " And in this Corner of Paradise called Georgia.